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    Propane-powered Buses Good for the Environment and Budget
    Nov 27, 2020 | United Cooperative-Beaver Dam
    Most people can’t tell from simply glancing at one as it passes down the road, but propane auto-gas school buses are becoming increasingly popular in communities across the country. Today, there are more than 11,000 propane school buses operating in the United States...
    3 Things to Ask When Buying a House with Propane Heat
    Nov 20, 2020 | United Cooperative-Beaver Dam
    Propane heat is a major selling point when buying a home. As an affordable, cleaner alternative to oil, it’s the fuel of choice among a growing number of homeowners.
    4 Essential Lubricant Tips for Winterizing Farm Equipment
    Nov 09, 2020 | United Cooperative-Beaver Dam
    Harvest is tough. Once you've made it through some of the hardest weeks of the year, both you and your equipment deserve some R&R. But before your rigs take a long winter’s nap, it’s important to get them ready for sitting dormant in the cold. Even when...
    Five items to Check off your Fall Fertility Checklist
    Nov 06, 2020 | United Cooperative-Beaver Dam
    Are your fields going to be fertile in the spring? Here are five items to ✔️ off your Fall Fertility Checklist!
    Are your barn and calves ready for the cold?
    Nov 04, 2020 | United Cooperative-Beaver Dam
    Calves that are raised in hutches get all the fresh air they want if they are properly bedded. During winter, most calf barns leave their curtains raised and rely on fans and tubes for air exchanges. Is your current system getting an adequate four air exchanges per hour?
    Feeding Calves Through Winter
    Nov 02, 2020 | United Cooperative-Beaver Dam
    With winter moving in, this is the time of the year to check how your calves are adjusting to the cold. Calves are born with 3% to 4% of body weight as fat. As we enter the coldest part of the year, we have already experienced days below a calf’s thermal neutral zone. 
    Safe Driving Practices Around Farm Equipment
    Oct 15, 2020 | United Cooperative-Beaver Dam
    Since 2011, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has recorded more than 1,300 crashes involving agricultural equipment that resulted in 678 injuries and 26 deaths.Three scenarios drivers and farmers should know how to handle are passing farm equipment, left-hand turns...
    Harvest Check List
    Oct 08, 2020 | United Cooperative-Beaver Dam
    Here is here. Are you ready? Have a successful harvest with these 6 steps from your UC Expert Agronomy team. 
    Chickens 101: Welcoming Your Chicks Home
    Oct 06, 2020 | United Cooperative-Beaver Dam
    Congratulations! Backyard chickens are now a part of your family. Your happy, healthy flock starts today. Now that your chicks are home, the main elements they need are warmth, water, and feed.
    "Cooperatives Commit: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion"
    Oct 01, 2020 | United Cooperative-Beaver Dam
    This fall, I am reminded of all the blessings we have, from the bounty of the up-coming harvest to the freedoms that have enriched this country and the privilege to serve our customers daily.  2020 certainly has not been a typical year as we still struggle with the events...
    Credit Reminders
    Oct 01, 2020 | United Cooperative-Beaver Dam
    United Cooperative offers input financing. Financing can be used for: seed, fertilizer, fuel, chemicals, agronomy services, lubricants, dryer propane. 
    October: United Cooperative's Equity Revolvement Month
    Oct 01, 2020 | United Cooperative-Beaver Dam
    We celebrate a lot of things in the month of October here in the US. There are more than 120 different things recognized or celebrated during October, according to National Holidays and Observances. While some are well known, like Breast Cancer Awareness Month, others are...

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