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The Most Diversified Weed...Waterhemp!

Apr 06, 2021

We have been dealing with waterhemp at the Deerfield location going back to the mid 1990s. We identified it in some of our grower’s peat fields raising mint. Waterhemp is in the same family as smooth and redroot pigweed. Originally it was misidentified by many early on as just pigweed. The characteristics of tall and common waterhemp that differ are that it has no hair on any above ground plant parts and has a waxy/shiny hue.

Understanding a Propane-Powered Lifestyle

Apr 02, 2021

Are you considering the purchase of a propane powered home, appliance, or workspace? Have you recently purchased a property but are new to the propane process? Moving into a new home or shop can be overwhelming. If you are new to it, having a propane-powered lifestyle shouldn’t be something that causes you to lose sleep. Here is what you need to know to get yourself on the right track:

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High Wheat Management

Mar 18, 2021

As we warm up and melt the remaining snow away, the time to start evaluating our wheat stands is quickly approaching us.  Winter wheat will only tiller for a short time after it breaks dormancy in early spring so evaluating where you are for stand density can be very helpful when determining your timing & rate for your first nitrogen application.

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Managing Alfalfa and Wheat as Spring Unfolds

Mar 18, 2021

The past few weeks has given us a glimpse of spring in some areas of the state. As refreshing as it might be to see the snow begin to disappear, it means we are greatly stressing our alfalfa and winter wheat fields. Once things thaw out enough to get a shovel in the ground is a perfect time to go out and assess your fields for any damage that has occurred over the winter.

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Nitrogen Stabilizer: Frequently Asked Questions

Mar 11, 2021

Spring applications of manure are often conducted to empty the pits prior to the cropping season. While the nutrients within the manure are applied closer to crop uptake, some nutrients such as nitrogen are still vulnerable to loss prior to crop uptake. Implementing practices such as manure incorporation or use of a nitrogen stabilizer can help mitigate these losses.