Making our communities better places to live and work is part of who we are

Wisconsin FFA Foundation donation

Community Giving

United Cooperative is proudly committed to the individuals, families and economic strength of the communities in which we operate.

As a cooperative, our purpose is to serve our farmer-owners and customers in these communities. That ownership stake is what makes us different from other vendors and suppliers. And it’s what drives us to invest in our communities by supporting students, education and a variety of organizations.

We care about the communities where we do business because that’s where we live. They’re literally the past, present and future of United Cooperative and our farmer-owners.

United Cooperative Community Giving

United Cooperative takes pride in giving back to our local communities. Our Community Giving program makes annual donations to Rural Health & Safety, Agricultural Related, and Food Pantry organizations in these local communities. On average, we contribute more than $150,000 back to our communities annually.

You may request a donation by completing our donation request form online or in person. To ensure operation within our budget, United Cooperative will only approve a limited number of the many requests received.

We're sorry, we do not provide support to individual benefits, religious organizations, political parties or political candidates.

Rural Health Safety

Rural Health & Safety

Giving back to the community is another way of giving back to our member-owners. By donating to community fire departments, police forces or EMS responders, United Cooperative wants to do our part to help local heroes keep our communities safe

More than: $25,000.00

Reedsburg Area Ambulance Service

Reedsburg Area Ambulance Service

Agriculture Related

Agriculture Related

United Cooperative is proud to support the future of the industry. Whether it’s 4-H, FFA or another ag-related youth organization, United Cooperative understands that young farmers and agri-business professionals are our future.

More than: $30,000.00

Johnson Creek FFA



We believe in supporting young adults and are hopeful some of these students, from high school through college, will seek a career in Wisconsin agriculture and the businesses that support agriculture.

Total: $45,000.00

Food Pantries

Food Pantries

As farmers, United Cooperative members know the importance of nutrition. We want to help our local food pantries with annual donations to various organizations selected each year.

Total: $49,500.00

Holland Food Pantry

United Cooperative Scholarship

United Cooperative Scholarship

Each year we receive many applications from many talented people for this prestigious award. We started the scholarship program in 2008 to support students and their development for future careers in the communities where we do business. We believe in supporting these young adults and are hopeful some of these students will seek careers in Wisconsin agriculture and the businesses that support agriculture, or become part of the fabric that makes up our great communities throughout the state.
- David Cramer, United Cooperative President & CEO

Since the program’s inception, United Cooperative has awarded $1,000 scholarships to over 500 Wisconsin students furthering their education.

To be eligible:

  • Previous United Cooperative scholarship award winners are not eligible to apply for the college or technical school continuing education awards. 
  • Student or parent must be one of United Cooperative’s 16,000+ active patron members;
  • Student must plan to attend (or be currently enrolled in) an accredited college, university, or technical school;
  • Student must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above on a 4.0 scale.

The application period has closed and 2024 winners will be announced in April.

Get Rewarded For Your Show Animal

In order to support more members' children and their fair projects, United Cooperative introduced our Fair Animal Project Program three years ago. United Cooperative will give $50 for a large animal or $15 for a small animal to every members' child that submitted a photo of them with their fair animal. Since the program started, United Cooperative has given almost $50,000 to over 950 participants.

To be eligible: 

  • Child of a member must be engaged in a large animal (DAIRY, BEEF, SWINE, SHEEP, GOATS) or small animal (POULTRY, RABBIT) project, plan on showing the animal at a county and/or state fair, and participate in the animal auction. 
  • Child must submit: 
    • their name
    • parents' names
    • member account number
    • full mailing address
    • the fair/show they attended
    • the name of their 4-H or FFA group
    • a photo of themselves with their animal and the ribbon(s) received at the fair**
  • Members must have an active membership with United Cooperative.  
  • All entries must be submitted by September 30th.

*By submitting a photo, you authorize United Cooperative to use the photo in future program promotions. One entry per child. **Submission prior to the fair attending will not be processed.