Before you sell your corn or soybeans, consider all of your options.

Marketing strategies for every grower

United Cooperative has gone to great lengths to make sure our grain receiving facilities are in the right locations for the majority of our member-owners. We keep our handling and storage equipment clean and in good working order to minimize hiccups during the critical fall harvest season, and offer extended grain delivery hours and extra help to keep our local harvest rolling. 

For grain customers who use forward-pricing strategies, we can help you with your marketing plans and order placement, or execute orders and deliveries from your outside marketing firm. Our goal is to work with you in any capacity that makes the most sense for your operation. Click below for contracting options or to find a location near you.

Grain News

Grain Update

Dec 13, 2022

United Cooperative has already handled a record amount of corn and soybeans this harvest, and there is a small amount yet to be harvested. We currently have several million bushels of corn on the ground, and with the bean harvest coming in so fast, we also put soybeans outside for the first time as we waited for freight. Wisconsin has been fortunate to produce excellent yields and quality in the past

2022: A Year in Review

Dec 12, 2022

As we close out 2022, I want to reflect on the tremendous momentum we have experienced this year. Our employees and facilities functioned at a very high level, creating growth, timely service, and demand creation. I want to thank the employees for their commitment and dedication and our member/owners for your loyalty and trust.

Reflecting on 2022

Dec 05, 2022

At this time of year, everyone gets busy with Holiday plans and end-of-year activities. This can add extra stress to an already stressful year. While it is always easier said than done, we should all step back and try and focus on the many good things that happened in 2022. 

Contract Options

All purchase contracts have only standard drying and shrink policies applied and no storage fees.
Grain ownership is transferred immediately upon delivery to United Cooperative.
All contracts will be confirmed in writing that must be signed and returned to United Cooperative.

Grain Offer Systems

United Cooperative is teaming up with Barchart and their online grain management system. cmdtyMarketplace allows farmers to create and manage online offers with United Cooperative. The system allows you to create and cancel your offers, sign up for text and/or email notifications for offer order changes. It even allows you to download and sort reports of your current offer activity and history.
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Fixed (Forward) Price Contract
Basis Contract
Futures (Hedge to Arrive) Contract
Minimum Price Contract
Average Price Contract
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Agri-Producer Security Fund Notification
These descriptions are for your convenience only. Information provided is not all inclusive, binding, or guaranteed. Any fees, contract availability , and/or terms detailed may change at any time. Contact your local elevator for further details and marketing needs.

Delivery Options

Delivery Procedures

  • Have tarps rolled open before proceeding to the scale or probe.
  • Driver must know/inform scale operator of the account/name and application method to which the load should be applied. Prior to leaving, driver should review the ticket for accuracy and immediately have corrections made, if necessary.
  • Please notify United Cooperative prior to delivery if you wish to have payment held/deferred.

Contract Grain:  Grain delivered will be applied to any contracts first, starting with the oldest contract written.  No early delivery of contract grain is allowed unless prior approval has been made.  Grain balances above contract amounts have the following choices for application:

Cash/Spot: The bushels designated will be sold at the current market price (Subject to change during CBOT trading hours). Contact a buyer if you wish to have your grain spotted upon delivery.

7-Day Hold: There is a 7-day (calendar days) hold period for which grain can be delivered without storage charges accruing within the 7 days.  Grain that is not sold within 7 days will be put into storage, and the storage start date reverts to the date of delivery.  The 7-day hold applies to each load delivered.

Storage (Open Storage): Grain designated for storage will be assessed the applicable storage fees, including minimums and may have additional drying & shrink.

Grain Bank: Grain designated for grain bank is for feed purposes with applicable storage fees and may have additional drying & shrink.

Grain Locations

Grain Team

Getting Started

The first step in selling grain at United Cooperative is filling out a brief membership or credit application.

Our Grain ACH Form allows you to receive automatic deposits of grain settlements. The direct deposit is typically seen within 24-48 hours of payment. To set up automatic deposits, download and complete the Grain ACH Form.