United Cooperative Cash Bids
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Johnson Creek
Milton Ethanol
Oconto Falls
Rock Springs
Sauk City
South Beaver Dam

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United Cooperative is teaming up with AgriCharts' and their online grain management system. The Grain Offer System (GOS) allows farmers to create and manage online offers with United Cooperative. The system allows you to create and cancel your offers, sign up for text and/or email notifications for offer order changes. It even allows you to download and sort reports of your current offer activity and history.

Grain Delivery
   Delivery Procedures  
  • Have your tarps rolled open before proceeding to the scale or probe
  • Driver must know/inform scale to account/name and application method to which the load should be applied. Prior to leaving, review the ticket for accuracy and immediately have corrections made if necessary
  • Notify the grain buyer prior to delivery if payment is not desired this year and you wish to have it held/deferred.
  Grain Delivered will be applied to contracts first. Grain balances above contract amounts have the following choices for application:  

Cash/Spot: The bushels designated will be sold at the current market price (Subject to change during CBOT trading hours). Contact a buyer if you wish to have your grain spotted upon delivery.

10-Day Hold: Delivered Grain is held for 10 days without storage charges, after which charges will begin to accrue. Grain that is not contracted, sold, or instructed to be placed in grain bank during this period will be placed in storage.

Storage (Open Storage): Grain designated for storage will be assessed the applicable storage fees, including minimums and may have additional drying & shrink.

Grain Bank: Grain designated for grain bank is for feed purposes with applicable storage fees and may have additional drying & shrink.

Grain Purchase Contracts
  • All Purchase Contracts have only standard drying & shrink policies applied and no storage fees
  • Grain Ownership is transferred immediately to United Cooperative upon delivery
  • All contracts will be confirmed in writing that must be signed and returned to United Cooperative.
    Fixed (Forward) Price Contract: Used to lock in a price for a specific quantity, future delivery period, and location.  


  • Can capture favorable prices when grain is not immediately available for delivery
  • Simple and easy to understand/use; all aspects of the contract are established


  • Cannot benefit from additional improvements in price
  • Delivery is required regardless of yield or quality concerns
    Basis Contract: Bushels are sold (specific quantity, delivery period, location) with only the basis established. The producer can set the futures at any time prior to the first notice day for the contracted futures month (or it will be automatically set at noon).  


  • Allows producer to lock in a basis and eliminate downward basis risk.
  • Still have opportunity to capture positive futures movement.
  • While waiting to set contract futures price, the producer can receive a 70% cash price advance. (i.e. 3.50 cash = 2.45 advance)
  • Contract can be rolled once within the same crop year ($.03 roll fee) with the basis adjusted according to the spread between the different futures months.
  • Basis will narrow if there is an inversion in the market when rolled


  • Cannot take advantage of basis improvements
  • Risk downward movement of CBOT futures prices
  • Producer maintains responsibility to follow market to set desired futures price
  • Basis may widen when rolled if there is a carry
  • If an advance is received and the current cash value falls below the advanced amount, the producer will be responsible to reimburse the difference to United Cooperative
    Futures (Hedge to Arrive) Contract: Bushels are sold (specific quantity, delivery period, location) with only the futures price established. The producer must set the basis prior to or automatically at delivery  


  • Allows producer to lock in a futures and eliminate downward CBOT risk
  • Still have opportunity to capture basis improvements


  • Can not take advantage CBOT futures price increases
  • Risk basis changes
  • $.05 services fee to establish the contract
    Minimum Price Contract: Bushels are sold (specific quantity in 5000 bu. increments, delivery period, location) as a cash sales with the cost of an option and service fee deducted.  


  • Eliminate price decline risk
  • Still have opportunity to capture positive CBOT movement
  • All costs/fees are fixed and determined at the time the contract is written based on option chosen by the producer


  • Cost of option may exceed storage fees
  • Cannot capture positive basis movement
  • Requires selling in 5000 bu increments
  • $.01 service fee to establish the contract
  • Must complete pricing before deadlines or premium is forfeited

Average Price Contract: Bushels are sold (specific quantity, harvest delivery, location) with the futures price to be determined based on a 22 week average. The basis is set by the producer at any time prior to or automatically at delivery. Click here for more information. * 2019 sign up deadline is January 30th

  • $.04 service fee to establish the contract


  • 22 week period occurs during a historically favorably pricing period
  • Disciplined marketing approach
  • Easy to follow


  • Limited sign up period
  • Risk basis changes
  • During the pricing period, there will be instances when other contract options are better vs. the final average price
  These descriptions are for your convenience only. Information provided is not all inclusive, binding, or guaranteed. Any fees, contract availability , and/or terms detailed may change at any time. Contact your local elevator for further details and marketing needs.  


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