How United Cooperative got to be who we are today


  • 2019 - Built a 12,000 sq. ft. warehouse at the Pickett location. Upgrades were made at the Westfield location to improve agronomy services. The Belmont location was expanded with the addition of a 1.2-million-bushel grain storage bin and receiving pit. Additional upgrades were also to the grain handling capabilities at the Westfield and Boscobel locations.
  • 2018 - Acquired several ADM grain locations in Boscobel and Belmont, Wis. Added covered bunker storage at South Beaver Dam (1 million bushels), Ripon South (1 million bushels), and Westfield (500,000 bushels); dry fertilizer plants at Coleman and South Beaver Dam; Greenville retail hardware store and convenience store with fueling islands; Horicon rail scale and pit with 20,000 bushel receiving capacity; grain storage bins at Oshkosh (1.2 million-bushels), and  Sauk City (675,000-bushels); and Wilton feed warehouse.
  • 2017 - Merged with Greenville Cooperative in Greenville, Wis.
  • 2016 – Built Wilton Feed Mill, Shawano Feed Mill; Auroraville Dry Fertilizer Plant; Auroraville Liquid Fertilizer Plant; Rock Springs 1.2-million-bushel bin project; Westfield bin dryer and receiving project; Hillsboro Feed, Farm Supply and Hardware store, including a new fueling site; Hillsboro Maintenance Shop located at current energy site
  • 2015 - Acquired AgVentures, LLC and Grain Ventures, LLC in Coleman, Oconto Falls and Shawano. Acquired four grain locations from ADM in Auroraville (Berlin), Oshkosh, Ripon and Westfield.
  • 2013 - Merged with Hillsboro Farmers Cooperative Warehouse
  • 2012 - Merged with Pulaski-Chase Cooperative, Pulaski; Mid-County Cooperative, Shawano; and Cooperative Services, Denmark; Purchased Auroraville grain location (Berlin
  • 2011 – Purchased feed business from Agri Blenders, Ripon
  • 2010 – South Beaver Dam liquid fertilizer storage (10,000 tons)


  • 2009 - Purchased a 25% share in Big River United Energy (BRUE), LLC, Dyersville, Iowa; Lead the acquisition team and formation of BRUE with the cooperative purchasing a 25% ownership in the 110-million-gallon ethanol plant at Dyersville; Invested in Carbon Green BioEnergy, LLC, a 50-million-gallon ethanol plant at Woodbury, Mich.; Purchased a feed mill and warehouse site in Columbus from Land O'Lakes.
  • 2008 – Reedsburg liquid fertilizer plant added.
  • 2007 – United Ethanol building completed; merged with Co-op Country Partners, Baraboo; expanded dryer and grain storage at multiple elevator locations, including a 1.1-million-bushel grain bin at South Beaver Dam and Sauk City
  • 2006 – Purchased Ripon grain location; constructed an 800,000-bushel flat storage building at South Beaver Dam
  • 2005 – Pickett Cooperative merger; built agronomy plants at Pickett and Deerfield; built 20,000-ton liquid fertilizer storage at South Beaver Dam; United Ethanol organizing, fundraising and construction began
  • 2004 – Built 24,000-ton capacity dry fertilizer storage at South Beaver Dam
  • 2002 – Purchased Johnson Creek grain location
  • 2001 – Acquired Paul’s Propane, Horicon
  • 2000 – Added Fall River and Reedsburg Agronomy locations from Agrilance; acquired Randolph Feed Mills


  • 1998 - Acquired Mayville Cenex Propane; River Valley/Deerfield cooperative mergers; Corporate name changed to United Cooperative
  • 1996 - Purchased Horicon grain location
  • 1995 - Built new feed mill in Hartford and relocated Iron Ridge fertilizer and chemical plan to Hartford site
  • 1994 – Built Hartford Ponderosa
  • 1993 – Acquired Jackson Agronomy
  • 1992 – Acquired Ashippun Agronomy
  • 1991 – Acquired Don’s Elevator, Allenton, and Hartford Elevator


  • 1989 - Purchased South Beaver Dam for grain and agronomy; Built Beaver Dam Ponderosa
  • 1988 – Built feed mill and agronomy facility in Beaver Dam; acquired the Amco dealership
  • 1985 – Acquired Iron Ridge Cooperative and Hartford Cooperative
  • 1984 – David A. Cramer named President and CEO


  • 1977 - Western Dodge County Cooperative merges with Mayville Co-op Association, forming one of the largest cooperatives in Wisconsin with 5,118 members
  • 1973 – James R. Bischoff named General Manager


  • 1936 - Incorporated on Jan. 27, General Manager: Harry Gritzmacher.