Whether you’re feeding dairy cattle or laying hens, we’ve got the feed products you’re looking for

The right feed for the right animal

The right feed for the right animal

United Cooperative is surrounded by some of the most productive dairy and beef counties in the state. But that’s not all we feed around here: there are also pigs, chickens, horses, sheep and goats as well as lots of family pets. With seven feed mills, plus partnerships with Purina and Quality Liquid Feeds (QLF), we offer plenty of options for every animal, from milk replacer to finishing feeds.

We offer professional nutrition consulting services at each of our nine feed locations, and we also work with independent dairy nutritionists to provide concentrates, premixes and complete feeds for virtually any operation. With the addition of state-of-the-art mills in Shawano and Wilton, we have also introduced a new calf feeding program that is quickly winning over calves and producers alike.

To learn more about our commercial livestock, hobby or companion animal feed and nutrition services, please visit the location nearest you (see location map below), or call our main office in Beaver Dam: 800-924-2991.

Dairy Feed Products

Calves & Heifers


  • UC 18% TXT B60
  • UC 18% SF BOV 40
  • UC 22% TXT Calf Starter B 60
  • UC 22% B-V DBZ
  • Ampli-Calf AS Starter 20P B60


  • UC 17% Natural Grower
  • UC 18% SF BOV 40
  • UC 18% Calf Grower B45 Mini Pellets
  • Ampli-Calf Grower 18P B27

Milk Replacers & Pasteurized Milk Balancer

  • UC 22-20 AM BOV FF DBZ
  • UC 23-18 AM BOV FF DFM
  • Past Milk BLC PB ½ BOV
  • Purina Amp Max BOV FF
  • Purina CM CF BOV FF

Supportive Products

  • Land O’Lakes Calf Insure
  • Land O’Lakes Colostrum Replacement
  • Land O’Lakes Electrolyte Add Pack
  • Land O’Lakes Electrolyte Base
  • Land O’Lakes Electrolyte Complete
Dry & Transition Cows

Bulk Feeds

  • Custom Blend for your herd

Minerals & Premixes

  • Custom Blend for your herd
  • Dry Cow Mineral R2400

Supportive Products

  • Purina Stress Care Tubs
  • Dairyland Dry Cow Tub

Bulk Feeds

  • Custom Blend for your herd

Minerals & Premixes

  • Custom Blend for your herd

Supportive Products

  • Purina Stress Care Tubs
Dairy Feed Products

Beef Feed Products

Cow & Calf


  • Purina Wind & Rain products

Supportive Products

  • Rangeland Tubs
  • 377 Special Range Block
Feed Lot


  • Purina Wind & Rain products
Beef Feed Products

Other Species

  • UC Grower/Finisher
  • Purina Strategy
  • Purina Outlast
  • Purina Enrich Plus
  • Purina Impact 12%
  • Shavings
  • UC 18% Egg Maker
  • Home Grown Starter & Grower
  • Red Flannel Dog & Cat foods
  • Exclusive Dog & Cat foods
  • Excel Dog food
  • Country Acres Cat Food

Other Products

Forage Inoculants
  • UC WS 500
  • UC WS 250
  • UC WS 500 with LB
  • UC Dry
  • UC Basic
Forage Treatment Products
  • UC Feed Stabilizer – Liquid
  • Hay Green
  • UC Feed Stabilizer – Dry
Supportive Products
  • Shavings
  • Lime
  • Wood Pellets
  • Twine
  • Plastics
  • Animal Salt
  • Salt Blocks
  • Sidewalk Salt
  • Water Softener Salt
Hoof Health
  • Copper Sulfate
  • Healthy Hoof
Other Products

Feed Services

Coaxing the best performance out of each animal under your care requires more than just meeting their nutritional requirements. Our feed specialists are also trained to help with other aspects of livestock production, including benchmarking calf performance, identifying existing and potential health issues, and looking at environmental influences such as ventilation and hygiene.

We like to say that we can help dairy producers from the time a calf is born, to when the cow leaves the dairy. To learn more, please contact one of our feed specialists, or call 800-924-2991.

Scheduled Delivery System

Scheduled Delivery System

Get your feed delivered with less face-to-face contact.

How does the Scheduled Delivery System (SDS) work? 

  1. Call, email, or fax your order to a United Cooperative location.
  2. A soft-sided truck is loaded on your delivery day with up to 12 shrink-wrapped pallets of feed, milk replacer, shavings, etc. for several farms, including yours!
  3. Pallets are unloaded to your desired location (shed or outside area).

How does it help you?

  • No interruption of your busy schedule.
  • Makes the feed mill more efficient so we can better serve you. 
  • Total cost savings to the cooperative system.
  • Less risk of employee injury. 

Feed News

Letter from the CEO

May 01, 2024 | United Cooperative-Beaver Dam
With 2023 completed, I want to reflect on the tremendous momentum we have experienced this year. Our employees and facilities functioned at a very high level, creating growth, and timely service. I want to thank the employees for their commitment and dedication and our member/own...

Marquis and United Cooperative announce the sale of Marquis’ Necedah, Wisconsin, Ethanol facility to United Cooperative

Apr 16, 2024 | United Cooperative-Beaver Dam
NECEDAH, WISCONSIN Today, Marquis and United Cooperative announced the sale of Marquis’ Necedah, Wisconsin, ethanol facility to United Cooperative. The facility will operate under the new name of United Energy Necedah LLC. The asset sale will be effective May 31, 2024,...

Uncovering True Feed Costs

Oct 24, 2023 | United Cooperative-Beaver Dam
Costs of feed inputs are easy to scrutinize, but often the rest of the costs incurred when feeding animals are not considered when determining what feed to buy or where to buy it. 

Coops – Owning Our Identity 

Oct 18, 2023 | United Cooperative-Beaver Dam
The drought of summer has now opened the door to the beginning of harvest. As I write this article we have started taking in soybeans and even some corn into our grain facilities. It is always a joyous occasion to begin the harvest season and to realize the yield potential of all...

Feed Locations

Feed Team

Getting Started

The first step in becoming a commercial feed customer at United Cooperative is filling out a brief credit application. Once this has been completed and returned to our offices, we can begin delivering bagged feeds, bulk feed, premixes and feed ingredients directly to your farm. To start your application, simply click the link below.