Farm Your Way With Elite Rx

Oct 06, 2022

With the high risk associated with farming during this period of high inputs, uncertain weather conditions, and fluctuating markets United Cooperative in conjunction with Winfield United is offering the Elite RX program to help ensure your inputs when certain yield levels are not met. Using the Answer plot system when offering the products involved in the program has shown an average ROI of $83 per acre on corn1 and $16 for soybeans2.


What is Elite Rx?

The Elite Rx service offers customized prescriptions with a menu of product offerings to support your operational goals and help you manage risk. When you enroll in Elite Rx, you receive an agronomic plan, including products and ag technology recommendations, along with a service warranty to help protect your investment. Elite Rx has several tiered service offerings, including 95%, 100% and 105% approved yield thresholds that allow you to choose the prescription that will best optimize your ROI potential. Each tiered level includes services and products that enable you to match in-season management to your yield goals.


What are the benefits of using Elite Rx?

There are several benefits of enrolling in Elite Rx. First, you’ll get data-backed recommendations and local agronomic support to guide in-season management. In addition, Elite Rx gives you the flexibility to mix and match products based on your production practices and budget. The a la carte service recommends options that would be a good fit for your acres, allowing you to focus on the best products for your situation. One of the most attractive benefits of Elite Rx is the service warranty, which reimburses farmers for the cost of services and some input costs if certain predetermined yield thresholds aren’t met.


Last season, farmers enrolled in the Elite Rx Program experienced these benefits firsthand. In the Upper Midwest, hot, dry conditions led to indecision about in-season crop management. Many farmers were hesitant to continue investing in their crops. However, those enrolled could stick with their management plans, despite the questionable conditions. And if farmers didn’t realize the yield benefits they planned for from their prescription plan, they were eligible to receive up to $40 back as part of the service warranty, mitigating their risk.*


How are recommendations generated?

Agronomic recommendations for the Elite Rx prescription program are built by your United Cooperative agronomist and backed by more than 6 million data points generated from the WinField United Answer Plot® program. The extensive network of Answer Plot trial locations allows us to assess the performance of products locally, regionally and nationally across a wide range of environmental conditions. With that knowledge, your advisor has the confidence to prescribe products with known consistency and reliability on field conditions like yours. Depending on the yield threshold tier you enroll in, the Elite Rx prescription service delivers different customized recommendations, which could include:

  • A plant nutrition plan by zone.
  • A corn hybrid and soybean variety placement plan.
  • A pre and post herbicide application plan.
  • An in-furrow or foliar insecticide action plan.
  • Micronutrient recommendations based on tissue sample results.
  • Fungicide recommendations.
  • Ag technology for in-season management.
  • Scouting to optimize in-season applications.


How does the service warranty work?

When you enroll in the Elite Rx prescription service, we’ll use your field’s historical yield information to determine your approved yield. Depending on which tiered offering you enroll in, you’re eligible for a service warranty if the prescription doesn’t meet 95% to 105% of your approved yield. The service warranty covers service costs and some input costs, as long as you follow your customized plan through the season. The comprehensive program gives you the confidence to make the right agronomic and economic decisions for your farm by sharing your risk.


Is Elite Rx a good fit for you?

Elite Rx is designed for farmers who value choice in their management decisions and want to optimize yield potential while mitigating risk. If you’re hesitant to try new production practices or products because of the risk involved, Elite Rx could be a good fit for you. You’ll get customized recommendations, and if those recommendations don’t result in positive outcomes, you may be eligible for money back.


For more detailed information about the Elite Rx Program, talk to your agronomist.

David Cramer