Grain Happenings

May 08, 2023

Planting has started across our state, with planters rolling as the weather allows. Markets currently reflect expectations of a potentially large crop coming. Only time will tell us if that is truly the case.  Currently, the market is telling us it wants the crop moved sooner than later, with premiums in corn and beans reflected in most markets. Everyone will be watching this coming crop's planting progress and yield potential all summer. With current carry-outs, we expect much volatility this summer.  Volatility can present a lot many excellent marketing opportunities for producers. United Cooperative has the tools available for you to capture higher prices and help manage your risk in marketing your grain. With tools such as a standard forward contract, HTA’s, minimum prices contracts, and target offers, your target can be active in the market, so you don’t have to watch the market trade 24-7. Contact a buyer at your local United Cooperative for more information.

United Cooperative has also gone to great lengths to ensure our grain-receiving facilities are in the right locations for the majority of our member-owners. We keep our handling and storage equipment clean and in good working order to minimize hiccups during the critical fall harvest season. We offer extended grain delivery hours and extra help to keep our local harvest rolling, including the transformation of the Boscobel location. All the earthworks are finished, and a new track to handle 115 car units is currently being installed. Two new 30,000 bushel-per-hour load-out legs are installed, and three of the four new grain tanks have been erected. Boscobel will start loading BNSF unit trains starting July 1, 2023. Ripon South has had three of the large bins rebuilt from the storm of 2021, and we’re planning to add additional permanent storage to the site this summer. 

Al Jentz

Vice President - Grain


David Cramer