Continue to Rely On Us to Serve You

May 05, 2023

At this time of year, we typically think about fieldwork and outdoor activities, but mother nature has thrown us yet another curveball… As I sit here and reflect on 2022 and the first quarter of 2023, I would have imagined planted fields and blossoming trees, but we are getting SNOW on May 1st.
I wanted to give a brief update on our feed division year-end, but first, I wanted to thank all our Patrons that worked with United Cooperative in 2022 and beyond. We had total sales in the Feed Division of 307 million dollars. That said, we are paying back 50% in cash instead of the typical 40%, which is over 31.1 million dollars, to all our patrons.  The average feed price in 2022 was $615/ton X 8.25%/ton is $50.74/ton. I would challenge any of our competitors in the marketplace that would come close to the patronage program and competitive pricing that we offer at United Cooperative.
We continue to make capital expenditures in our Feed Division, including a Mill project in Waupun and investing in rolling stock for all our locations. We continue to invest in our people and try to attract the best possible talent to add to our growing staff, including Dairy Lactation Specialists, Calf and Heifer Specialists, and Forage Specialists (inoculant and Plastic). We have someone that can help serve your needs as we want you to “Rely on Us.” We continue to monitor and evaluate all the ingredients in our facilities as part of our Quality Control program. We do this to offer the most accurate rations for the livestock and our customers.
We at United Cooperative are ready to help serve you and your business as best as possible in any way. If there are any opportunities that you would like to explore with United Cooperative, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our locations or Feed Sales Specialists to see how we can help serve you.

Bryan Paulson

Northern Feed Sales Manager


David Cramer