Top 10 Tips for Preventing and Reducing Heat Stress

Jul 15, 2021
Our top 10 tips for reducing heat stress in your calves.
  • Emphasize cleaning and sanitation of milk bottles, water buckets, etc.
  • Increase airflow with fans or by raising hutches
  • Provide shade to calves or use reflective covers on hutches to reduce exposure
  • Use a fly control system including ClariFly®
  • Wet the heads and ears of calves up to 4times a day, in dry climate only (avoid getting bedding wet)
  • Feed at night and early morning (cooler times of the day) and always provide fresh, clean, low sodium water
  • Dump old starter frequently to reduce spoilage and encourage intakes
  • Feed milk replacer like LAND O LAKES®WarmFront® or Pasteurized Milk Balancer® for the correct protein and fat levels for warm weather, too much fat will reduce starter intake
  • Use electrolytes like LAND O LAKES® ElectrolyteBase to prevent or combat dehydration by encouraging water consumption, as well as supplying a little extra energy
  • Support the calf’s immune system during this time of stress with pre- and probiotics, as well as vitamins in LAND O LAKES® Calf Insure supplement


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