Protect Your Equipment with Cenex Lubricants

Dec 15, 2023

By Bill Herbst, Vice President of Energy

With fall harvest behind us, the winter equipment maintenance season kicks into gear, United Cooperative recommends choosing the right tractor hydraulic fluid. Cenex® QuikLift® HTB, a Tractor Hydraulic Fluid (THF), is a unique multifunctional lubricant used in complex systems. It needs to be well-balanced with high-performance base oils, as well as a carefully designed additive package. THF acts as hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, and gear oil, and often overlooked is its importance. With it running through many crucial parts of expensive equipment, can you afford to use just any tractor hydraulic fluid?
Today’s modern equipment has higher power output, higher system pressures, and hotter operating temperatures. More compact systems have smaller reservoirs and finer filter pores, all of which stress the fluid more than ever. The stress on these fluids is why United Cooperative carries Cenex® branded lubricants backed by the Total Protection Plan® warranty for up to 10 years/10,000 hours when combined with Ruby Fieldmaster diesel fuel on agriculture equipment. Qwiklift HTB is our choice in tractor hydraulic fluid and is known for its distinct green hue, allowing easy identification. Qwiklift HTB’s comprehensive additive package offers a higher level of protection and improved performance over the competition, such as:
  • Twice the gear load carrying capabilities
  • Four times the protection of copper components in hydraulic systems
  • Smoother operation, especially at low temperatures
  • Smoother shifting of equipment
  • Reduced sludge build-up and varnish on critical parts
  • Reduced maintenance for both parts and fluid
Meaning Cenex Quiklift HTB could reduce wear, extend equipment life, and cause less downtime saving you valuable time and money.
Contact your local United Cooperative energy specialist for more information on Cenex® Lubricants, the Total Protection Plan® warranty, and pricing for our fall harvest lubricant special, including Cenex® LubeScan® oil sampling kits. A great way to stretch your lubricant dollars is by targeting timely preventative maintenance.

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