October is Co-op Month

Oct 02, 2023

October is Co-op month, and this year’s national theme is “Owning Our Identity”. Unlike Clark Kent, who had a secret identity as Superman, United Cooperative’s identity is not something we try and keep secret. Now we may not spend millions in advertising like Tide or Coca-Cola, but we do deploy significant resources to make our identity known to our customers and potential customers throughout our trade area. 

Our identity can be summed up in our tagline “Rely on Us”. For customers to be able to “Rely on Us”, United Cooperative must succeed both operationally and financially year after year. Being the largest and most successful farm Supply and grain cooperative in Wisconsin, we gladly “Own Our Identity”, and cannot take it for granted, but must earn our customer’s business every day. You can “Rely On US” to have the right people, facilities, equipment, programs, and suppliers to bring you the products and services you need when you need them. Being a dependable supplier and consistently delivering value is something we strive for every day. 

You can also “Rely on Us” to responsibly manage your equity and honor our merger commitments. This can be seen every October when United Cooperative celebrates Co-op Month by revolving our member equity according to the plan set up by our Board of Directors, and commitments made in previous plans of merger with other cooperatives. This year we are proud to send out thousands of equity checks to our members totaling over $13.8 million. This will bring the total cash sent back to our members in 2023 to just over $43.2 million.

Thank you for celebrating Co-op Month with United Cooperative, and for your continued business! United Cooperative will continue to work hard every day to earn your business, honor our commitments, and continue to “Own our Identity” so you can “Rely On Us” for years to come. Have a safe and productive harvest season.

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Oct 24, 2023

Costs of feed inputs are easy to scrutinize, but often the rest of the costs incurred when feeding animals are not considered when determining what feed to buy or where to buy it. 

Oct 19, 2023

There’s a lot to consider when choosing your corn hybrids each year. Usually, relationships and personal history play more into the decision than many of us would like to admit. But if you’re looking to break free of your obligatory purchases from your farmer-dealer poker buddy, start by asking these questions. 

Oct 18, 2023

The drought of summer has now opened the door to the beginning of harvest. As I write this article we have started taking in soybeans and even some corn into our grain facilities. It is always a joyous occasion to begin the harvest season and to realize the yield potential of all the hard work that has got us to this point. The preparation of spring, the growth of summer and the bounty of harvest certainly brings a sense of pride and purpose. Collectively coming together during this season makes the journey more rewarding and fulfilling. 

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