Making Investments to Improve Value on Your Farm

Dec 14, 2023

By John Scheuers, Vice President of Feed

United Cooperative continues to make investments in our Feed Division to be able to add more value at your farm gate. Currently, we are about a month away from the completion of our Wilton expansion. In Wilton, we are adding 9 additional bulk ingredient bins and 8 additional semi loadout bins. This will give us the ability to handle more bulk ingredients at Wilton versus using these ingredients in bags. Bulk ingredients help save money and allow us to become more labor-efficient.

Our new feed mill expansion in Waupun continues to make good progress. The feed mixers, pelleter, steam flaker, texturized feed mixers, and high-speed roller grinders have all been installed. The office by Wilson Drive is complete and we currently are finishing the warehouse that is attached to the mill. We hope to have the wiring completed in April/May of 2024 and start production in June of 2024.

These expansions are all about adding more value at your farm gate. Improved Quality control, better labor efficiencies, and better working conditions for our feed teams, while providing you the great service that you have become accustomed to. These additions will allow us to buy in higher volumes, more direct purchases, and more bulk versus bagged feed ingredients all adding more cost-effective ways to do business. We look forward to getting these two projects working for you.

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Jun 11, 2024
Nitrogen is the most heavily managed nutrient in corn production systems, but like every other essential plant element, it does not act alone. For example, the chlorophyll molecule that is critical for photosynthesis contains 4 nitrogen ions, and sulfur is a key element (along with several others) involved in the formation of chlorophyll so if the plant does not have adequate sulfur the formation of chlorophyll may slow, and/or become less efficient, which is not something any crop producer should want.
May 13, 2024
With summer just around the corner, now is the time to plan your propane supply for next winter’s heating needs. The most recent winter brought above average temperatures and lower usage of propane in Wisconsin. Propane exports are still up and will affect supply moving forward; this past year, over 50% of our country’s propane was exported elsewhere, mainly to the Asian ring, for use in the production of plastics.
May 08, 2024
As the Waupun Mill project's construction phase continues to progress, we begin the startup phase. Our hope is to start the clean-out phase by the end of May. Bulk and bagged ingredients will begin to come on-site the first week of June. We are getting close to making this investment a reality.