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Did you miss the Grain Webinars?
Contact your local merchandiser to get a link to the recorded webinar or to learn more about the TFM PriceProducer contracts.


Contract Now!
The Average Price Contract allows you to sell corn & soybeans by averaging the market price over a 22-week time frame that historically provides the best pricing. Deadline to contract is January 28th, 2020! Now with no service fee!

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Want to get your grain settlements faster?
Fill out this form and get your grain checks automatically deposited and your settlements emailed to you.

Click on Customer Login at the top of your screen to pay your bill with your checking or savings account. Please note that you must have an email address associated with your account to gain access. If you do not have an email address associated with your account or have questions, please call us at 800-924-2991. 


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