Increase Row Crop Yield with YieldON

YieldON™ is a biostimulant that is designed to increase row crop yields by aiding in the efficiency of the plant’s physiological processes responsible for seed development. YieldON™, a result of GEAPOWERTM technology, assists in more efficient use of crop inputs while supporting sustainable agriculture. 

YieldON™ contains a selection of extracts from three families of plants and seaweeds and is enriched with three micronutrients: manganese, zinc, and molybdenum. This formula supports the following plant processes: 

Nutrient Transport. YieldON™ improves the plant’s ability to transport nitrate and ammonium nitrogen, zinc and iron micronutrients, while increasing phosphate use efficiency. A balanced level of these nutrients enhances crop productivity and grain quality. 

Phloem Loading. The phloem is part of the plant’s vascular system that transports nutrients and sugars from leaf photosynthesis for new biomass growth or seed development. YieldON™ increases phloem movement and thus improves sugar and nutrient transport for developing grain, resulting in larger kernel capacity. 

Cell Division. Embryo development through cell division and seed development through cell expansion can significantly impact yield. The formulation in YieldON™ strengthens these specific plant hormone levels that promote cell division and expansion, meaning more seeds and heavier test weight. 

See the difference in Tip-fill
The results have shown creating and retaining more pods, more seeds per pod, larger kernels, and less kernel “Tip-Back.” With over 300 grower trials throughout the Midwest, 2016 through 2023, YieldON™ increased the treated average yield by 2.3 bushels per acre in soybean and 7.1 bushels per acre in corn over the standard grower practice. 

Treated with YieldON


Application Rates


1-2 applications, 

R1-R3, 1.5 pts/a 


1-2 applications, 

from flag leaf through anthesis, 1.5 pts/a 


1-2 applications, 

during V10-R2, 1.5 pts/a