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  United Cooperative revolves $7 Million in stock to members; named to USDA’s Top 100 list  

BEAVER DAM, WIS. – United Cooperative, a full-service farmer-owned cooperative based at Beaver, Dam. Wis., this month revolved more than $6.2 million in stock (all 2007 cooperative members stock), as well as the percentage of stock committed to be revolved per plan of merger agreements.

In addition, United Cooperative paid $770 thousand in member requests for those older than 77 and estate settlements. All totaled, United Cooperative, has paid its members $7 million in stock revolvement in 2017. Read News>>


Producers – Sign-up deadline for 2018 Average Price Contracts is Jan. 30.
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Lubricant Promotion – Get rewarded for your Cenex lubricant purchases with                                                       Cenex Gift Cards for Gallons. Now through Feb. 28.
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2016 Annual Meeting Recap
   Watch the 2016 Annual Meeting Here