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Area food pantries receive $45,000 from United Cooperative

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Large Animal Project Program:

In order to support more members’ children and their fair projects, United Cooperative did not participate as a purchaser of animals at livestock auctions. Instead United Cooperative gave $50 to every members’ child that submitted a photo of them with their animal and ribbon from the fair.

In total, United Cooperative gave over $15,000 and was able to support over 300 participants.

Look for information on the program in our May News & Views edition and flyer at the locations next summer.

"I recently read in the United Cooperatives newsletter that you have distributed $15,000 to 4-H and FFA member Livestock Project members. I want to compliment you for the decision to distribute these funds equally over all of the project members who applied for the "grant" rather than invest a large sum in a few, who sold in the auction. I have long been an advocate for the project members whose parents do not own the largest farm operation, but dedicate a large amount of effort to the project. I realize that there will be those who feel that the largest customers should receive the largest return, and thus this decision may well be controversial. However, I believe that all project members should receive credit for their efforts and an equal distribution is a fair and exemplary manner of doing this. I believe that the Principals of Cooperation would justify your actions. Again, Thank you for your support of youth project activities."

- David Laatsch Beaver Dam Vocational Agriculture Teacher, Retired


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