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Last month United Cooperative’s Ontario Convenience Store sustained major damage from the rising Kickapoo River floodwaters. “United Cooperative continues its commitment to the community we have become a part of and are proud to announce that we are going to rebuild the convenience store. We look forward to serving these patron members for years to come,” said David Cramer, United Cooperative President and CEO.


Attention propane gas users! United Cooperative reminds you … if your gas appliances, furnace and/or water heater, have sustained water damage due to recent flooding, the entire system on these appliances should be inspected for damage and leaks, and re-lit, by a trained technician from your local appliance or heating and cooling service provider. Do not try to relight a pilot light yourself. Also, if you’ve experienced flooding around your propane tank and exterior regulator on your home or business, call united cooperative to have your tank regulator and exterior regulator inspected. Failure to have your flooded propane gas system reviewed by a professional may result in further property damage, injury, and/or death. Propane is a very clean, reliable, and efficient source of energy; and, like other utility options, safety measures need to be followed. For more information, call United Cooperative at 1-800-924-2991.

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