The experienced and award-winning professional agronomy team at United Cooperative offers a full line of seed, including Croplan®, Asgrow®, DeKalb®, NK®, and Mycogen® brands of corn, soybean, alfalfa, wheat, and forages. Agronomists are stationed throughout south-central Wisconsin, and are always willing to help you make cost efficient plant food recommendations to result in bigger yields.  

Crop Protection & Fertilizer

United Cooperative's agronomy division has one of the largest amounts of liquid and dry fertilizer storage in the Midwest, and cutting-edge equipment greatly enhances the effectiveness and timeliness of our agronomy services. With quality equipment for spraying, spreading, delivery, soil sampling, grid-soil sampling, test-stand calibration, precision agriculture, etc., United Cooperative is always looking for new ways to maximize your crop yield potential.  

Rely on us for Nutrient Management Planning to keep you in compliance and profitable

In this fast-paced and ever changing agriculture industry, it can be difficult to comply with all the environmental and regulatory rules that are out there. Currently there are on-going rewrites of the DNR 151 rules, NRCS 590 rule, ATCP 50 rule, increased focus on the Mississippi River Watershed and increased emphasis on the Great Lakes Watershed Initiative.

As all Wisconsin producers are expected to meet state and federal standards for nutrient management, we have established a team of qualified certified crop advisers (CCAs) and technical service providers (TSPs) to serve you with all your nutrient management planning, comprehensive nutrient management planning, WPDES Permit planning for CAFOs, assisting with other DNR permit issues, pest management planning, CSP Program assistance, tissue testing, soil sampling and other consulting needs.

Find your agronomy location below, connect with your agronomy specialist to help you move forward with all your consulting needs. 

  1 of 8 John Deere Gators United Cooperative purchased for nutrient management testing  
  United Cooperative has quality people and equipment to serve your nutrient management planning needs  
United Cooperative Agronomy Locations & Hours

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