The experienced and award-winning professional agronomy team at United Cooperative offers a full line of seed, including Croplan Genetics®, Asgrow®, DeKalb®, NK®, and Mycogen® brands of corn, soybean, alfalfa, wheat, and forages. Agronomists are stationed throughout south-central Wisconsin, and are always willing to help you make cost efficient plant food recommendations to result in bigger yields.  
Crop Protection & Fertilizer
  United Cooperative's agronomy division has one of the largest amounts of liquid and dry fertilizer storage in the Midwest, and cutting-edge equipment greatly enhances the effectiveness and timeliness of our agronomy services. With quality equipment for spraying, spreading, delivery, soil sampling, grid-soil sampling, test-stand calibration, precision agriculture, etc., United Cooperative is always looking for new ways to maximize your crop yield potential.  
  South Beaver Dam Answer Plot  
       South Beaver Dam's Answer Plot & Agronomy Plant  
United Cooperative Agronomy Locations & Hours

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