Tips for Sulfur Management in 2022

Sep 29, 2021

Here at Johnson Creek, we are very focused on managing sulfur with our customers. Here is a quick background on reasons why sulfur is needed & how to start a good sulfur management plan with your agronomist:
  1. Decreasing atmospheric sulfur make it necessary to continually adjust sulfur application rates.
  2. Use rates will differ based on if soil is higher organic matter or manure application is significant.
  3. Crops require a consistent ratio for Nitrogen to Sulfur.  So if increasing Nitrogen rates for increased yields, make sure to increase sulfur accordingly.  Please consult you local agronomist for ratio in your area.
  4. Since sulfur containing fertilizers differ in water solubility it is best to use multiple products throughout the year for best sulfur availability to plants.  Utilizing a longer lasting source in the fall such as elemental sulfur and then supplementing with ammonium sulfate during the growing season.

Wayne Wilson

Agronomy Sales Specialist | Eastern Region


David Cramer

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