Building for the Future

Oct 01, 2021

Fall is in the air, and once again, we can celebrate the bounty of the harvest and see firsthand the fruits of our labor. We can enjoy all the hard work, planning, and dedication revealed during this harvest season, along with a sense of purpose. The harvest season always promotes the cooperative spirit of working together, which is on full display. Collectively coming together through challenging times certainly makes the journey more rewarding and fulfilling. With less than 2% of the population involved in production agriculture, our presence is more critical now than at any time in history. That is why we must continue to operate efficiently to ensure sustainability and growth after this pandemic and economic uncertainty that has gripped us for the last two years.

Every October, we celebrate Cooperative month around the world. National Co-op Month is an annual opportunity to raise awareness of a trusted, proven way to do business and build communities. Under the theme “Build Back for Impact,” this year’s theme is also a chance to leverage our shared cooperative identity in the face of some of the biggest challenges we face: a global pandemic, worldwide insecurity, and economic doubt. As we continue to build an economy that works for everyone, our most significant impact comes from embracing the values and principles that make us truly unique as a cooperative system. When I think about the National Coop Month theme, I recall one of the seven Cooperative Principles, specifically, Members’ Economic Participation, Education, Training, and Information, and having a robust equity capital management program that provides value for the cooperative and its members.

At United Cooperative, we continue to build for impact through the construction projects we are facilitating in 2021. These projects bring an economic impact to all our members by anticipating current and future needs, maintaining efficiencies, and adding value to every ton, gallon, or bushel we service. These upgrades are made possible by the support we receive from the many members who trust and are loyal to United Cooperative. Below are some of the major construction projects that are complete or in progress:

  • Darlington: 1 million gallon solution tank, new office, shop addition, warehouse, and liquid load-out facility
  • South Beaver Dam: 800,000 bushel bin and new warehouse
  • Reedsburg: 1 million gallon solution tank and additional load-out bay
  • Prairie du Sac: 6500 ton dry fertilizer plant.
  • Johnson Creek: 4700 bushel-per-hour tower dryer

By being a member of United Cooperative, you can participate in the economic impact through our cash distribution and equity revolvement programs, enabling you to build back on your farms. I am proud to announce on behalf of United Cooperative an equity revolvement of more than $13.9 million of stock, as well as the percentage of stock committed to being revolved per plan of merger agreements. In addition, United Cooperative paid over $1.1 million in member requests for those older than 77 and estate settlements. All totaled over $15.0 million in cash for stock revolvement in 2021.

This equity revolvement is an ongoing commitment that United Cooperative makes to its members and is one unique deliverable of this member-owned cooperative. As you, your friends, and your neighbors purchase products and services from United Cooperative, your cooperative generates a profit. Profits are needed to re-invest in your cooperative and “Build for the Future.”

Thank you for your valued partnership with United Cooperative. We will continue to uphold our brand promise of building a solid cooperative for our members through sustainability efforts and profits through our employees, goods, and services. This type of focus is why our members can “Rely on Us.” Together we will all be able to build a better future.

Have a safe and productive harvest.

Cooperatively yours,


David Cramer

President and Chief Executive Officer

David Cramer