Harvest Check List

Oct 08, 2020

Harvest is here. Are you ready? Have a successful harvest with these 6 steps from your UC Expert Agronomy team.

1. Calibrate Your Yield Monitors
Don't get started and realize your yield monitor isn't working correctly.
  • Give your combine a digital (and mechanical) maintenance check before harvest.
  • We recommend to calibrate a couple of times during the year as crop conditions and grain moisture change throughout the season or from switching crops.

Call your agronomist today to help calibrate your combine.

2. Collect Data Accurately 
Is this your first year collecting harvest data? Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in the middle, remember your harvest data is merely a snapshot of the 2020 crop season. Think of this year's data as a great starting point and see how your management practices pay off. Then, keep building on this knowledge with even better data in the future.
Learn More about Leveraging Harvest Data
Tips for Capturing and Using Harvest Data
  1. Rank harvest order by biomass.
  2. Ensure data accuracy throughout harvest.
  3. Clean data and standardize file names.
  4. Analyze post-harvest.
  5. Leverage learnings.
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3. Have a Harvest Plan
At this point, your goal should be to protect yield potential by managing harvest order effectively.
  • Perform stalk "push tests" in fields to measure stalk integrity.
  • Scout for any stalk diseases that can affect standability of your crop.
  • Keep track of weedy parts of field to make better decisions next year.
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4. Soil Sample Before Tillage
Designed to help you make the best decisions on your farm, our SMART Precision Technology visualizes your field's profitability across every acre.
Check out our UC Expert Videos on SMART Soil Sampling:  
Reach out to your agronomist to schedule your fall soil samples.
5. Weed Control
This year, marestail has been problematic in some soybean fields. The best way to control marestail is when it is still small in the rosette stage. Once the stem starts growing and elongating, it is nearly impossible to control post-emerge. Fall burndowns are very effective at controlling marestail in your field. 
More on Mastering Marestail Control
Is a fall burndown right for your field? 
View the benefits and drawbacks of fall burndown herbicide options for corn and soybeans.


6. Plan Ahead
It's never too soon to start planning for next year. Maximizing a crop's yield potential starts with plant nutrition. While it's still fresh in your mind, think about what you can do to ensure next season's crops get off on the right foot.
Dig into Fall Soil Prep
  • Assess Soil Nutrient Levels
  • Amend Phosphorus and Potassium Levels
  • Correct Compaction Issues
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We know harvest time can be hectic. Our team is here to help. Contact us for recommendations. 

Jim Kemink

Vice President - Agronomy Sales


Jim Kemink

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