Unpredictable Times

May 03, 2022
It seems like 2022 will be a very unpredictable year around the world. Everything from the war in Ukraine to inflation hitting all-time highs to predictions of worldwide shortages of almost everything seems to be hitting us all simultaneously. Unpredictability is one of the most challenging things to deal with when making decisions, and it wreaks havoc with the constancy of supply.

This increased unpredictability has made maintaining our tag line of “Rely On Us” a monumental challenge. No longer can we simply order a part, vehicle, equipment, or even our regular farm inputs and predict what they will cost or if they will be available. We see the value of having solid supply partners in times like these, and we hope that you do. The days of JUST IN TIME inventory and the DEAL OF THE DAY are no more. We are now having to place orders without even knowing what the actual cost will be, just to make sure we get a spot in line.

Fortunately for our customers, the facility improvements we have made over the past 38 years, our consistent financial performance, and our well-trained staff have given United Cooperative the ability to manage these unpredictable times. In most cases, our customers have not seen the supply shortages and logistical challenges your cooperative staff has been working through for over a year now. That is just as it should be. Our goal is to live up to our tagline so you can “Rely on Us” to keep you supplied, no matter the market conditions.

THANK YOU for your continued support of United Cooperative, and let’s hope the weather cooperates and planting is wrapped up soon. Take care, and have a safe spring.

Karl Beth

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer


David Cramer

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