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Jun 19, 2020

Looking out your tractor window, you may worry from time to time about how you’re going to market the crops you’re growing. When is the best time to make a sale? What percent of your grain should you sell now and what percent later? And worst of all – are you too late?

United Cooperative and Total Farm Marketing (TFM) PriceProducer have a solution designed to give you peace of mind, led by a philosophy that focuses on what’s most important to you – the crop in your field. As a participant in a TFM PriceProducer contract, you get the best thinking of not just one mind, but a team of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds.

Why does this matter? Because diversity of thought helps ensure analysis of the most important factors, synthesized into thoughtful, effective strategies, all while avoiding the danger of bias into recommendations. The TFM team is composed of people who have been commodity brokers, grain merchandisers, mutual fund traders and farmers with agriculture degrees. Together, they build strategies that incorporate best thinking and a focus on the needs of farmer customers. TFM PriceProducer takes advantage of all the analysis and research of the TFM team and is directed by risk management leaders. Together, they offer years of experience helping farmers drive farm marketing success.

There are numerous contracts available to best suit your needs:

  • October 1 to the following June 15 for Stored Crops
  • October 1 to the following September 15 for New Crop (1 year) and New Crop (2 year)
  • February 1 to October 15 for New Crop (1 year) for fall delivery.

During this time, the Total Farm Marketing team is providing price risk management strategies to us. The weighted average price of each contract is built over that contract period, founded on incremental sales decisions, and supported by other farm marketing tools to protect the sales decisions. When the contracts are over, the prices for each contract are set, and you make delivery to your local United Cooperative location as agreed upon in the contract.

All along the way, Total Farm Marketing and United Cooperative deliver regular progress reports, so that you are kept aware of how the contract is being managed. Explore the contracts available to you by contacting your local merchandiser.

Al Jentz

Vice President - Grain

Al Jentz

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