Did you plan to show an animal at the fair?

Jun 15, 2020

In order to support more members' children and their fair projects, United Cooperative introduced our Fair Animal Project Program three years ago. 

United Cooperative will give $50 for a large animal or $15 for a small animal to every members' child that submitted a photo of them with their fair animal. 

Since the program started, United Cooperative has given almost $50,000 to over 950 participants. 

To be eligible: 

  • Child of a member must be engaged in a large animal (DAIRY, BEEF, SWINE, SHEEP, GOATS) or small animal (POULTRY, RABBIT) project and have planned on showing the animal at a county and/or state fair. 
  • Student submits their name, parents' names, member account number, address, the fair they planned to attend, and the name of their 4-H or FFA group along with a photo of themselves working with their animal. 
  • Members must do $1,000 or more in business with United Cooperative.  


Submit your entry by October 1, 2021, using the form below: 

*By submitting a photo, you authorize United Cooperative to use the photo in future program promotions. One entry per child.

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