"Unprecedented Times"

Dec 16, 2021
"Unprecedented times" is a term that we have all become accustomed to since Covid 19 came into our lives. Our routines and plans have had to adjust as well as our opinion of what our "normal" really is. The last year has brought many stresses and struggles into our everyday lives, but I want to focus on the opportunities we have had along the way.
2021 was an "Unprecedented time" for our United Cooperative Agronomy team. I am proud of what this team accomplished. From our administrative staff, plant operations teams, applicators, agronomists, and leadership team, it takes all of us working together to provide you with the great service you deserve and are accustomed to. Our team delivered over 340k tons of fertilizer, 320k units of seed, and thousands of gallons, pounds and ounces of crop protection products to assist you with your operation this year.
2021 was also an "Unprecedented time" for our growers. We dealt with dry conditions throughout the growing season, as well as some disease pressure that came in late in the season. Through all that, our growers grew some of the best crops ever throughout our entire geography. I heard record yields from North of Coleman, WI all the way down to South of Darlington, WI. It takes our entire Agronomy team working along side our growers to accomplish these record results.
Supply chain challenges are affecting us at work and at home. Please know that our Agronomy Procurement team has been working tirelessly since mid summer, securing your input needs for 2022. We feel very optimistic about our inventory moving into prepay season, and feel we are in a very good position for you to continue to "Rely On Us" for all of your agronomy needs.
Thank you for your Patronage in 2021. We look forward to continuing to grow with you during these "unprecedented times".
Have a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous 2022!

Shane Johnson

Vice President - Agronomy Operations


David Cramer