December 2020 > Constantly checking your tank or worrying about running out of fuel during the busy season?

Constantly checking your tank or worrying about running out of fuel during the busy season?

December 7, 2020
United Cooperative offers an Automated Fuel Delivery System (AFD), you don’t have to monitor tank levels or order fuel. You’ll have a dependable supply of top-quality Cenex® fuel on hand and peace of mind by ensuring you have the fuel supply you need for peak planting and harvest work, as well as everyday tasks.

In addition, AFD takes the risk out of placing fuel orders and you won’t need to worry about fuel quality or market price volatility and will benefit from improved cash flow. It offers deferred billing, giving you additional fuel in your tank at no upfront charge. With deferred billing, you only pay for fuel as you use it, with the benefit of average monthly pricing. Average monthly pricing reduces your risk to market price changes. Other payment options are available such as bill on delivery, where you pay on a load-by-load basis. You also have the option to purchase unbilled inventory in your tank at any time with an individual tank settlement.
Not sure if your tank is the right size for your needs? AFD is the most efficient and worry-free when your tank size matches your fuel usage needs. Right sizing storage is yet another way to reduce the risk of running out of fuel once an automatic refill has been scheduled while also reducing delivery charges.

Understand your equipment warranty
If you’ve been buying oil from your equipment dealer because you thought your warranty required you to use a certain brand of lubricants, check your owner’s manual. You’ll be happy to learn that you do not need to use lubricants from your equipment manufacturer – you just need to select products that meet the required grade specifications.
United Cooperative offers a full line of premium Cenex® lubricants to meet the grade specifications for your equipment. These are premium quality products, uniquely formulated to withstand the intense challenges of today’s high-tech engines. When you choose to use Cenex lubricants along with Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® premium diesel fuel, you can also enroll your farm equipment in the Cenex® Total Protection Plan® warranty for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours (8 years or 8,000 hours on used equipment). This is unparalleled coverage that goes above and beyond your equipment manufacturer’s warranty. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about this great option or to help you find the right lubricants for all your equipment at 800-924-2991.

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Vice President - Energy

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