What is Not Live,


Good Day Traders,


Corn and meal may have held levels, C was -1.77% again.  On what? CTK hit an olb, July CT has levels lower. Beans also M TL. Long term. Buckle Up.


Coffee levels below on multi year low.  How low does it go?  Do we catch here? Then fail and OL Bandits pyramid press short vertical down?

These are my studies in teaching chart patterns to give you the courage (My Studies) to step out and buy 50 at solid math induced level,

with a 30c stop.

That seems to be of interest.  Yeah you totally pick a bottom with $150 bets.


I do have one month hog 

with 4 #'s in 

<65c max.  Lunney would call it a 

Trading confluence of discipline's coming together.  


Buy 1 unit every 17c down? 4 units?

Falling knife situation in play, pretty rare double conditions hogs. Green support held so far.


Rural Broadband NYT (laying face up on train). $6 bil and 600mil yr. earmarked.  No coordinated flow.  Progress (speed) a lie.  This is a travesty in my opinion.


Google has balloons that broadcast internet.  IN AFRICA !


ISP's cheat farmers on paltry speed.  Hey Reporters, call and lets do a piece on radio.  Jeepers.

Stocks, hang on, Spus held those lines OFF LAST YEAR, and watch the highs by a green resist # that played twice.  If you want to trade this stock market I give in my opinion, technical analysis ( numbers) I will put up against any team.


 Some lines that trigger algo's (trade instruct.s.) might based off candlesticks,

 but in proprietary time periods which is rare for most of my professional traders.  Someone uses.


It took me 5 years just on that study.  Only talking geek speak did I make that discovery.

Coffee - vertical down.  I have a level lower #.  I do not have many so be careful.  Expect ??

.  Is that like my no #'s in beans by lows? But held.


Cocoa- stand ready if buying olives new lows. It might hold lows.  Use a level and use a stop is advise. Then forget it.  You don’t have to play big.

If you later complain not enough ?

you will never be happy.

Floor guys look to catch an area on a big spike (in value). Leave that to me to explain if you open your futures account with me.

Meal- LOOK OUT under 305-ish.  This was all I hear from those I know in trade.  Long and wrong under this new low for a while.  Don’t be G*$ Hood Ornament being long meal all way down.  No opinion otherwise.

BON 3150 folks, OLS but don’t marry any ideas, or positions.

I seek to take advantage when others are stuck.

Traders need to be skeptical speech?

Unrest in Govt. Anywhere next two weeks.

GOVT SHUTDOWN, bottomed on last shutdown, top this one?

If you need a broker,

 or my charts with levels if a Pro,

Or my tech analysis education on how to compute and trade with your own trading software.

I offer to help.  Feel free to give me a jingle.




Alan Palmer

HighGround Trading LLC
425 S. Financial Place  Suite 2301
Chicago, IL 60605



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