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EXPERT VIEW: Market Update 1/25/19

By Pat Jeanes, Product Procurement and Risk Management

Corn and meal markets feel like they are on a bubble that goes up and down with any rumor or speculation about the trade war with China. The government shut down makes it hard to verify any sales that are made. Trade talks scheduled for next week will hopefully lay a foundation for a settlement before the Mar 1st deadline. USDA planting intentions is Mar 29th and if the shutdown continues this date could be rescheduled. Private estimates have farmers planting more corn than beans. Weather problems in Brazil and Argentina need to be watched with harvest in Brazil just  starting. Trade talks are the major market director right now.



United Cooperative President & CEO, David Cramer, announces the acquisition of the assets at WS Ag Center: Darlington & Cuba City, Wisc.


EXPERT VIEW: Market Update 12/17

By Pat Jeanes, Product Procurement and Risk Management

The trade war with China is huge and how the negotiations move forward will determine where prices head. China needs beans before mar when the South American crop will be ready. Brazil had their beans planted 5-6 weeks early this spring and with normal growing conditions will make their supplies available earlier than normal. Argentina is off to a better season than they had last year. A big crop in South America will add to the huge world bean supplies. African swine flu in China continues to grow and could cut their meal usage. The United Cooperative feed division wishes a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your families.


What's new in seed at United Cooperative

With the increase in glyphosate-resistant waterhemp across Wisconsin United Cooperative has decided to expand its seed offerings.


Manage fuel price risk with an offer-to-purchase contract and Peace of Mind with LubeScanĀ® Oil Analysis

By Bill Herbst, Vice President-Energy

Manage fuel price risk with an offer-to-purchase contract

When your business is powered by bulk refined fuels - farming, construction or trucking, the cost of fuel can make or break profitability. The best fuel prices are negotiated far in advance, through fuel contracts. Manage your fuel price risk by starting out with an “offer to purchase” contract from United Cooperative. 


Baby it's cold outside...

By Eric Onan, Northern Feed Sales Manager

With snow in late April, early November snow and cold, it barely even seems like we had a summer. When you are putting on more layers of clothes to head out and feed the calves, remember your calves are feeling it, too. Calves under three weeks of age begin to experience cold stress when the ambient temperature dips below 60° Fahrenheit. Calves typically have very little body reserves and a large surface area making them very susceptible to cold stress, which can have a drastic effect on calf growth and performance in the colder months.


Market Outlook

By Doug Marshall, Grain Merchandiser

The November crop report did not have many surprises, but USDA lowered the corn and soybean yields because of excessive rains during early October in the northern corn belt. That should not be a surprise to anyone who has lived in Wisconsin this fall.


Convenient Producer Financing from United Cooperative

By Mary Beth Schade, Vice President-Credit and Administrative Services

We know how hard producers work, and you have little time for stopping by United Cooperative’s locations to discuss your financing needs. That’s why we offer input loans with competitive rates from a valued cooperative partner.

Producers can accomplish more by getting their financing where they shop for operational needs. Our convenient approval process gives you quick access to the funds you need to support your operation.


All Ready for 2019

By Karl Beth, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

As the books close on 2018, it is easy to focus on the troubles—poor weather, low commodity prices, trade disputes, etc.—faced by agriculture this past year. Instead, we need to look forward with cautious optimism toward 2019, deal with troubles as they present themselves, and take control of the things we can.


Strong Financial Finish for 2018

By David Cramer, President and Chief Executive Officer

Long before the calendar turns to the new year, your cooperative was looking ahead to 2019. When markets and economics enforce change at the farm-gate, United Cooperative has the talented staff, plans and relationships with suppliers to use information and resources to focus on your farm profitability. Decision-making now impacts profitability in the future, for your cooperative and your farm.


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