Refined Fuels
  Whether you're filling your farm tractor with Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® premium ag diesel from your on-farm tank or your car with Cenex premium gasoline at one of our convenience stores, United Cooperative offers fuel appropriate for your vehicle.   
  Diesel fuel is diesel fuel, right? WRONG!  

If you use standard diesel fuel, switching to Cenex® premium diesel, Ruby Fieldmaster® or Roadmaster® XL can make a powerful difference in your trucks and farm equipment. These Cenex premium diesel varieties are proven to deliver more power and up to 5 percent better fuel economy. Plus, they contains a special additive formulated for the demands of today's modern engines.

United Cooperative also offers Biodiesel at its Beaver Dam, Pickett and Poynette Cenex locations. Biodiesel is a clean burning fuel produced from domestic renewable resources.

  In addition to fuel, United Cooperative offers lubricants for all sizes and types of engines, transmissions, hydraulics and gear cases, and for manufacturing, metalworking, and other commercial industrial equipment.  



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