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EXPERT VIEW: Market Update 4-9-18

By Pat Jeanes, Product Procurement and Risk Management


It does sounds like spring will attempt to make its arrival again this week. I sure hope it sticks around for good this time. I do believe the robins have now been snowed on three times, so by old wise tails we should be finally rid of old man winter. It is interesting to look at photos from a year ago and see how much different things look – so much greener! I think we have had more cold days below freezing in April already than we did in all of March. I did read an article over the weekend that took a slightly different look at the snow, in that it at least meant moisture, which we are short on so far for the year with the low snow totals from the winter.


Expert View: How to Properly Clean Calf Feeding Equipment

By Brynn Kasten, United Cooperative Calf & Heifer Specialist



EXPERT VIEW: Back to Basics - Maximize Your On-Farm Nutrient Potential with Forages

By Lizzy French, PhD, United Cooperative feed specialist

In a previous Expert View, the topic of nutrient management as a method of sustainability and efficiency was discussed. As 2018 moves along with April just ahead and haylage and other legume crops on our minds, now is the time to plan for maximizing the value your feeds can provide to your animals. Always keeping in the back of your mind the incredible ability of ruminants to utilize fiber and turn its byproducts into nutritious milk, increasing levels fed in your diet is a way to support rumen health and productive animals.