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United Ethanol LLC

United Cooperative is the managing member of United Ethanol LLC, Milton, Wis. United Ethanol began operating on March 29, 2007, and is producing approximately 3,500,000 gallons per month. On top of generating fuel that helps to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and making the air we breathe cleaner, United Ethanol converts approximately 45,000 bushels of corn per day, further supporting American farmers. 

A CO2 processing facility came on line in May 2008. A contract was signed with EPCO Carbon Dioxide, Inc. for the purchase of approximately 250 tons per day of United Ethanol carbon dioxide production. In ethanol production, CO2 is a byproduct of fermentation. The CO2 that is recovered through the liquefaction plant is sold for use in the food processing, beverage, oil recovery, municipal water treatment, and chemical industires.

United Ethanol has also entered into corn oil estraction. Corn oil extraction removes corn oil from the process stream prior to entering the distiller's grain dryer. Corn oil sales provide another stream of income and improve the flowability of our distiller's grain. It cuts our overall energy costs, too.

Another appealing feature at United Ethanol are the three bins that offer storage for 1,770,000 bushels of grain, allowing us to buy grain when the market dictates the timing is right and store it, in turn improving our profitability.

United Ethanol works to be a low-cost producer of ethanol and distiller's grain, allowing the company to maximize the returns for our investors and provide economic benefits to Wisconsin communities.

For more information, visit www.unitedethanol.com.

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