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United Cooperative
Feed Division

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Today's dairybeef, swine, sheep, goats, and speciality-species producers can turn to United Cooperative for personal commitment in feeding their animals. United Cooperative dairy and livestock specialists will spend the necessary time finding management answers for you. They are committed to providing you with the best feed service available. Their customized feeding program means maximum milk production, reproductive efficiency, and maximum profits (photo at right: Eric Onan, United Cooperative dairy tech sales manager, talks to a patron member, Mike Dettmann, Watertown, about his feeding program.).

Award-winning United Cooperative feed locations offer many professional services to help you be successful. From custom feed blending and mixing, to bagged, barreled, and bulk deliveries, the feed division's dedication to service and quality boldly outshines the competition.

United Cooperative feed locations can be found throughout Wisconsin: Beaver Dam, Denmark, Hartford, Hillsboro, Kendall, Pulaski, Sauk City, Shawano, Wilton, and Yuba.

Distiller's grain

For every bushel of corn processed into ethanol, 18 pounds, or approximately 33 percent of that bushel is processed into distiller's grain (DDG). DDG is a quality feed ingredient used in dairy, swine, and beef production.

United Ethanol LLC, Milton, Wis. is interlinked through United Cooperative and offers the opportunity for DDG to go directly to the farmers, directly to the dealers, or through protein blends produced at United Cooperative facilities.

DDG is available for pick up at United Ethanol or delivered by truck through United Cooperative. Call 920-885-5522 for DDG purchase information.

Wet distiller's grain (WDG)is available upon request, with a 24-hour notice. Call 608-868-5900 for WDG and syrup purchase information.


The United Cooperative feed division always strives to keep our patron members abreast on the newest management trends and advancements in agriculture. During the course of the year, patron members can attend seminars featuring such topics as calf care, hoof health, etc.

In the right-hand photo, Floyd Sutton, ZinPro hoof management specialist, uses a cadaver hoof to illustrate his comments at a hoof health management seminar organized by United Cooperative.

Some United Cooperative product options

Equine professionals
UC Healthy Hoof
Meat animal show feed


United Cooperative is your local Wisconsin authorized dealer of Up North Plastics.
Contact our Beaver Dam, Denmark, Hartford, Pulaski, Sauk CIty, and Shawano locations for all your agricultural plastic needs from Up North Plastics, including silage bags, bunker covers, and brewer's grain bags.

Feed-related links
Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition United Cooperative Wisconsin Feed

BioChlor: Prefresh Feed
DCAD Plus: Heat Stress Additive/Potassium Supplement
Fermentten: Feed Additive
Megalac, Megalac R: Bypass Fat, Rumen Inert Fats


Alltech Feeds United Cooperative Wisconsin Feed


Allzyme SSF: Feed Enzyme
Bio Mos : Probiotic
Integral :Mold & Toxin Binder
Mold Zap 25 Citrus : Mold Inhibitor, TMR Stabilizer
Select GH : HBS, Probiotic
Selplex : Organic Selenium


Alpharma United Cooperative Wisconsin Feed

AS-700 Crumbles: Medicated crumbles
Bovatec: Ionophorde, Coccidiosis Control
DECCOX Crumbles: Coccidiosis control


 Clarifly by Central Life Sciences Fly Control Larvicide United Cooperative Wisconsin

ClariFly by Central Life Sciences: Fly Control Larvicide


Diamond V United Cooperative Wisconsin Feed

 Diamond V Yeast Products: Rumen Health
Selino Source: Selenium


 Elanco United Cooperative Wisconsin Feed

Rumensin: Ionophone



Lallemand United Cooperative Wisconsin Feed

Lallemand Animal Nutrition:
Biotal : Forage Inoculants



Land o Lakes Feed United Cooperative Wisconsin Feed

Land O' Lakes Feed:
Calf Feed
Heifer Feed
Equine Feed
Poultry Feed
Game Bird Feed


United Cooperative Prince Agri Products WIsconsin Feed

Omni Gen AF and YC: Mold Binder


Pruina Mills United Cooperative Wisconsin Feed

Equine Senior Feed
Healthy Edge Feeds: Low Starch Equine feeds
Honor Show Feed: Equine Show Feeds
Omolene Eguine Feeds: Sweet Equine Feed
Strategy Eguine Feed: Pelleted Equine feed
Ultium Horse Feed: Performance Equine Feed
Propel Nuggets: Bypass Fat
Pet Food: Red Flannel Dog and Cat Food
Exclusive Dog and Cat Foods
Mazuri Specialty Feeds: Zoo feeds, Exotic animal feed
Mazuri Alpaca & Llama Feed
Aqaumax Fish Food: Pond Products, Fish Food
Pond Products
Free Choice Mineral
Free Choice Tubs
Zoo Feeds
Exotic Animal Feed


Quality Liquid Feeds United Cooperative Wisconsin Feed

QLF Liquid Feeds : Liquid Feeds, Mollases


US Feeds by Alltech United Cooperative Wisconsin Feed

US Feeds:
Goat Feed
Mold/Toxin Binder
Fly Control


Zinpro United Cooperative  Wisconsin Feed


Availa 4: Trace Minerals
Zinpro Products : Trace Minerals


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