Rely on United Cooperative for your home heating needs

Propane is an excellent energy source for your home — both inside and out. This clean-burning energy source delivers uncompromised comfort and value. Homeowners can count on this environmentally friendly, low-carbon fuel to meet their energy needs, even when the electrical grid is down.

United Cooperative provides quality propane that’s clean, efficient, reliable and affordable. Propane is a safe, worry-free heating option for your home, farm or business.

At United Cooperative, safety is our number one priority for our customers and our employees. We are dedicated to protecting you, your family and your property. United Cooperative Propane Safety Newsletter is mailed annually to customers to provide consumer information about the safe and responsible way to use propane as an energy source..

  New Customer Referral Program  

With each new customer referral, United Cooperative will give both, the current and new propane customer a $25 United Cooperative Gift Certificate. When you refer others to United Cooperative, you are letting us know that our reliable service is something to be communicated, so we want to thank you for your loyalty and thank our new customers for their trust.

Referred customers must lease a tank from United Cooperative to obtain eligibility for both the new and existing customers.


Propane contracting options from United Cooperative
Call 1-800-924-2991 to lock in your home heating propane price until Spring 2018.
(If you are not on the Budget Plan or AUTOLOCK, you will need to contact us to contract your propane and fuel-oil needs.)


For More Information, Call: (800) 924-2991


Choose a payment option    

  Budget Plan   Booking Plan   Pre-Paid Plan  
  lock in a fixed price and spread your payments for home heating into manageable, equal, monthly amounts from July to May. There is a small booking fee with this plan, but, it’s still extremely helpful in managing your budget. Note: If you had the budget plan last year, you don’t need to sign-up every year; contracts automatically go out in mid-June. Only call if you want to change your plan.   Lock in a fixed price and pay for your fuel as it is delivered. This helps you know exactly what your fuel will cost per gallon when you order it this winter. The small booking fee applies with this plan, as well, but there’s a sense of security knowing your exact cost per gallon.   Lock-in a fixed price for the season. Pay for your heating fuel now, and receive scheduled delivery. With this plan, you don’t have to worry about your heating needs at all this winter.  
  Other Options to Consider     United Cooperative Propane Delivery Truck  
  Adding Value Assurance gives you price protection should the price of propane fall. Value Assurance is a program available for a small fee that kicks in when the current delivery price is lower than your contracted price. Value Assurance assures that you will only be billed for the lower of the two payment price

  Sign up for ACH
Make automatic payments on the 10th or 26th each month.
  Sign up for AUTOLOCK
We'll automatically sign you up every year for the same program as last year, with similar gallons, at each year's initial pricing. Historically, in nine out of ten years, our initial pricing has been our best pricing of the season

How to Read Your Tank Gauge (The Correct Gauge):

Propane tank gauge Most propane tanks have a dome or cover that protects the valves, regulator, and gauges from the weather. Lift the dome. (In the summer months be careful. Wasps and hornets like to build nests under the dome.) You should see one or two gauges. If you see only one gauge (like the one to the left), it is likely your liquid level gauge. If you see two gauges, one of them is your liquid level gauge and the other is a pressure gauge that will say “PSI” somewhere on the dial. The gauge pictured currently shows the tank at 52%, but the level of the tank will change with temperature. In cold weather, the tank level will read lower than it will during warm weather, even though it has the same number of gallons in the tank. Customers may perceive they have a leak if they check the tank in the afternoon of one day, and then recheck the morning of the next day, as the tank levels may be different, depending on the temperature change.




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  Propane is also used to power vehicles, grain dryers, irrigation engines, building/water heating, and standby generation. See also our Propane page for more details.